Sunday, 23 June 2013

Too pale for the world naked bike ride?

Hotstuff and I had a quiet night in this evening looking back at the amazing footage from the London naked bike ride that we took part earlier this month. One of the Marshal's recorded the whole ride on his helmet camera. Its here if you want to see my pale skin against the tans of the regular riders. Look out for the palest guy in the whole things and that's me.
So, pale as I am we started to wonder just what colour the household paint suppliers would place on Bod. Guess what? There's an app for that!
The Sherwin Williams color app allowed me to investigate what imaginative colour name could be applied to my pale shade of white. My money was on something between death gray and about to vomit green.
Anyway, Hotstuff with her wonderful tan comes out as "copper pot" according to the app. Nice and tasteful I think although I think she was really looking for a colour such as Scandinavian Sunrise or Mediterranean Olive. Still, it's better than Neolithic bronze. How would I explain that a skin tone named after the British Museum's artefact hall would be something to be proud of?

Spiced cider? Very good Bod you might think but that's T (toaster licker and house mate). She was somewhat disappointed to be associated with an apple based beverage. Again, I suspect she really wanted champagne cream. What's more, tonight she suggested that I use a pseudonym when I made reference to her in the blog. Ahh, I had to say that her name was already cast in stone and it was too late to go back on it now. In the interests of continuity I must stick to my guns.

I came out as a very credible rose tan. Did you hear that H? Rose tan.... who would think that this Irish bod could ever class his skin tone as tan? To the great paint mixers at Sherwin Williams, you have my eternal gratitude. I shall point out the wonderful benefits of your colour mixing app to the rest of the Irish nation. Dulux......this could have been you but you didn't trust Bod with your app. Its not as if I was going to colour match rude pictures of H or anything............

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